Feb 1, 2012

February Santuary

Hey, we already on the 1st of February now in 2012, glad I'm not where I am last year. I guess I can say BETTER, but not by a mile(just). Of course the reason being is because I wont be able to topped up this years achievement, next year if I went too far(reality check please mista!). So, it goes without saying. NO. The truth is I'm lazy as pig. If i was a purchase item, there will be "lazy as hell" on the ingredient section of the manual. And fragile too. So pleas, handle with care.

Above all, Lady Luck has been smiling to me quite often last year. Hope she does the same for this year and be consistent! Ahah!

2012, still no Jetson-family-like cars and suit! Haih,.

Yes, i know, I fell short on the countdown but who'll complain? Happy New Year lads!

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